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Getting help

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In general, we strive to hold inventory for most of our available collections so we can ship them out to you quickly. During peak demand or if we do not carry inventory of the product, this may be subject to change and we have to print on-demand which will increase the shipping time.


When you receive your package, here's what you should expect: a lot of packing material! We want your model to arrive safely and in perfect condition. This means you'll discover everything is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, and within that you'll have foam wrapping and the actual product itself within small reclosable poly bags. Within these bags, for delicate things like hands, and weapons, you may even discover additional foam wrapping! Please be very delicate when opening these contents as some features may be especially delicate, like hands.

Cleaning and preparing resin miniatures

All of our miniatures are printed in resin on our Formlabs printers at a very high resolution of 50 microns. We will remove all support material prior to shipping your model, but there may still need some post printing clean-up work to do. Our support structure is printed with very small touchpoints, so there shouldn't be too much work. But expect to do some light sanding in a few places.

Working with resin does carry health risks when sanding and cleaning the model, please ensure to wear proper safety gear such as a breathing mask and goggles.

After you have completed cleaning the model, wash it in warm water with a good degreasing agent, such as dish soap. You can use a toothbrush to scrub off any excess material. This will ensure your model is clean and ready for priming.


Most of our products will come unassembled. Whether it's a miniature or a terrain item, you can use a product such as a good quality super glue along with an associated activator to adhere the pieces together. Many of the miniatures come with multiple options to explore, from different weapons or body parts.

Some of our larger resin miniatures will come hollowed to save on the cost of using excess resin. Savings we pass directly on to you! If you desire to make the model heavier, you can fill it with a variety of materials and then seal the holes with an epoxy filler (such as kneadatite).

Remember to always wear protective safety gear, such as goggles and breathing mask!

Scale of models

Our default is to use the 32mm scale (e.g. Age of Sigmar) as this is quickly becoming the more popular standard. We will be introducing the option of scaling down to 28mm in the future, or on demand.

All our miniatures are supplied unpainted and some require assembly.
The painted examples are for inspiration only.

WARNING: This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.